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5 First Draft Mistakes that are OKAY to do as a WRITER!

Hola people! I'm back with another post. In my previous post I met you as a reader but today I'm meeting you as a writer. I'm going to share with you my 5 tips or mistakes that are okay to do as a writer in your first drafts or in general first try at writing. So...let's get started!

1. Hating your previous works

Argh... I bet I can take a plunge in a pond of water every time I read my previous works, first drafts while thinking, what was I thinking? But it's okay! You grow in life. From bad parts towards the good parts. That's why you feel like you were childish back there when you wrote that cringy chapter.

The best thing is, you wrote something and if you have something written that means you can make it even better.

2. Bad grammars

It was past tense, why did I write 'is' there? That moment when you come to edit your first drafts and see in front of you a big pile of bad grammars which pushes you to read the whole chapter once again to understand what you wrote! You never going to get everything perfect just the first time. Writing as I see is like sculpting; polishing, carving in order to get a crisp chapter or manuscript.

Your first drafts will have a bunch of grammatical mistakes and that's okay for now. You can correct them with time.

3. Pathetic spellings

Did you spot something written in your chapters where you feel you just pressed random buttons on the keyboard? Well, I know that's an exaggeration. But there are spelling mistakes in your chapters, sometimes a large amount and sometimes not so much. Worse, if you write on Wattpad like me, you spot spelling mistakes in your published chapters. Did I really give that chapter with spelling mistakes to my readers to read?

Grammarly really helps me in spotting my spelling and grammatical mistakes. While writing your first drafts you don't have to cover everything. Take a step little by little and you will reach your ultimate goal.

4. Not writing at all

Yes. Taking a break is not bad at all. It sometimes tires your brain and you can't even think of a single good thing of why you chose writing! Take rest for some time. It gives you some clarity, time to think about the next thing in your further chapters. Don't listen to that advice of "write something every day else you're not a writer". You're a writer even when you don't write for one week because You Are.

Give some time to yourself and relax your tensed up muscles. And then start up fresh, it all will come along.

5. Feeling guilty for not writing at all

Yes. That's the part of being a writer. Feeling guilty for not writing and crying in front of everyone that you're not writing. I mean, I do that :P I guess, feeling guilty is good because that pushes you to write again.

Writing is that weird loophole of getting stuck, researching, writing and then getting stuck. But that's how it works and that's why we love it, don't we? :)

That's all for now. I hope you liked it. Until next time, Keep Writing :D

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