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5 Publishing Mistakes I did that You should NEVER Repeat!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Heya, people. So I'm back with another writing tip more like a publishing tip. This blog dates back to the time when I published two of my novels, Surrounded and Finding Solace in You on Amazon Kindle. And as you read the title, I made a hell lot of mistakes. Because:

:P So let's get started!

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1. Hasty makes Nasty

So I got to know about KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing) in 2016 and I was excited. Like, really excited. I was like, Woah. A free publishing platform. What else do I need as an author? I had one book as completed and I instantly published it.

Where I went wrong: Getting excited is all okay for publishing. But forgetting the essential parts of publishing in this excitement is TERRIBLE. In your haste of publishing, you should never overlook important points like proofreading, self-editing, plot-holes, shortening the plot (if you could), proper flow of the novel, and whatnot. You don't want your readers to go, Ewww, another typo!

2. Not building an Author Platform

The author's platform is the basic need of every writer nowadays, I guess. You can't just come up with a book and then tell everybody, that's the book I published, wanna read? Why they would when they don't even know you or your work? In the article called Why Publishers Want Authors With Platforms, Valerie Peterson defined author platform as,

A platform—also referred to as an author platform or a media platform—is an established media forum through which an author connects to his or her audience.

Where I went wrong: I was on Wattpad for two years but I guess that was not enough. You need to make your good social media influence to let people know about your writings, what genre you write, and other stuff.

It doesn't only need to be social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It can be your blogging website, Podcast, Youtube Channel, you name it. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

3. Ignoring Grammar

Remember when I said, I was damn excited for publishing. Yes. I instantly published my novel. You know it, without checking grammar.

Where I went wrong: The heading states everything. I just glanced through my manuscript which is never enough and I published it. Without even bothering about grammar, tenses, and a whole lot of things that I now check every now and then that come under grammar.

4. Not Editing

You know here we are talking about hiring a professional editor. I didn't do it.

Where I went wrong: So I didn't even go for the professional editor but also I didn't do self-edit properly. That's a serious problem. It's correct to say that even after two to three rounds of editing, some mistakes still remain in the novel. Just think what would happen if you don't edit your novel at all?

5. Not focusing on reviewers or marketing

Just like it's necessary for you to publish something to make your name as a writer, marketing is equally important. It should be started beforehand maybe even before you publish your book.

Where I went wrong: I started the marketing and review thing when my novel got published. That too not too much. That's why most of my readers and family members only know about these two books. Because I didn't give a proper focus on marketing.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this blog and it helped you in some way. What do you want me to cover next in my blog? Tell me in the comments below. Until next time, Keep Writing :D

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