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5 Ways to Start Writing!

Heya everyone. So as most of you know, I took suggestions on what you guys get to know next on my blog and I got this amazing request on how to start with writing. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Okay. Writing is not rocket science and not too easy as most people think. But you have to start somewhere. You can't just think for 100 hundred years that you have to write and expect it to be printed in words (how I wish!). So I'm going to break 5 points to start writing even if you haven't written words in a year.

1. Journalling

I can't stress this enough. Journalling helps a lot. Whatever going inside your head, dump it down on a paper. Simple. You're angry, write it down. You're scared, write it down. Whenever you're going through an overwhelming emotion, just jot down your thoughts.

It will help you not only to calm down but also will polish your habit of writing.

2. Writing Prompts

Not getting enough inspiration to write? Take the help of writing prompts. Writing prompts push you to think outside the box, giving some amazing scenarios and settings to set up your stories. ThinkWritten gives some great writing prompts. 365 writing prompts for you to choose from.

Check it out.

3. Wattpad

Many people have this opinion that Wattpad is only a teenage crush but for some, it works as a soulmate (inner romance writer activated 😜). Wattpad can lay a good foundation for your writing habit if you want to do something in this field. It's chapter vise update facility push you to write something every day if you're serious in completing your novel. Inline comments let you know which scene is an attention grabber. Also, you get an instant response to your writing on how it's going.

I started writing on Wattpad and that pushed me to write better and more. Not want to brag but Wattpad helps you in making a great Author Platform.

4. Don't smother yourself

So when we have covered the basics, we should also cover some lifelong lessons while writing.

I wrote only 30 words today.

I'm a failure, I didn't even write a word.

My writing is Pathetic.

Didn't know why I chose writing?

Never repeat any of these words. It's great even if you wrote 3 words in a day. It's perfectly amazing if you didn't write anything. Your writing needs a little polishing, no need to criticize it so much. Writing always pushes you to think like that.

Every art needs some time.

You have to be patient with yourself. You're learning and that's great. Learning is the amazing part of the journey. Enjoy the ride. Try to congratulate yourself even on the smallest feats.

5. Take Criticism Like a BOSS

No one's better than me. In the above point we talked about inferiority complex and here's its total opposite. When you're so full of yourself, you don't see others. And when somebody criticizes your work, it feels like you can kill them with bare hands.

"I wrote that piece, how can it be bad, you fool!"

When someone criticizes your writing, note it down and work on it. Criticism will make you better in your art and this you should remember always.

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