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Author Interview

How are you all? From this month onwards I will interview one of the authors. They can be from Wattpad or elsewhere. I hope you will like this. :)

This writer has been one of my favorites from the Wattpad. Her depiction and intricate details of the surroundings has always left me speechless. You can always remember her protagonists because of their perfect unique storyline and back-stories. She is the writer of Secret Desires and Simmering Desires. Yes, you guessed it right, She is Nishat Irfan aka @AashiIrf on Wattpad.

1. When did you decide you want to be a writer?

A: Salaam and hello to all my readers, followers and friends. How are you all? Hope you are doing great. Now, to answer your question; well it wasn't like when I decided to write. It was more like, can I write? Then I just started typing down my imagination on my phone. It was in 2015 I guess, I don't remember the exact year, to be honest, but in 2015, 2014.

2. Does writing energize or exhaust you?

A: It relaxes me. When I get depressed or tired, I write.

3. What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

A: I have so many writer friends actually, in both Urdu and English. They don't help me in writing my own books, or I should say, I never asked them for any help, but yes their work definitely does. Reading is my hobby and a well-written book always gives you variations to improve your writing.

4. Tell us about your Beam Magazine. How did you get an idea for it?

A: We had started the Beam magazine around two years back, but unfortunately, my husband, who was like a backbone to that project, has absolutely no time to continue it further and work on it.

5. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

A: So many, if we talk about my planned projects, lol. But at present, I am working on two books, one is being published on Wattpad while the other one, I might give it to Amazon kindle as a complete novel.

6. Tell us your Wattpad journey. Do you enjoy being on Wattpad as a reader or a writer?

A: Wattpad has given me an identity as an author, so definitely the journey was amazing from a reader to being an author. And I like the platform a lot, but I feel it is biased with Indian or Asian authors, as they usually promote American or European authors most of the time.

7. Favorite Books.

A: Forty rules of love, Abdullah, Lost to the Desert Warrior, King of Knights, Inayah's struggle, Jana Tujhe jab Jana (Urdu) Shahkaar (Urdu), so many actually.

8. Favorite Movies?

A: None, I like watching romedy type or action movies, but favorite... No.

9. Favorite Past Time.

A: Writing, cooking, reading, making organic skincare products and window shopping.

10. Tell us about your family. Do they read your work? Are they happy with your work?

A: Well, my husband and my cousins read my work. I even discuss my characters or storyline with my husband and my best friend, who is also a very talented author from Urdu fiction.

Happy... I think my husband is happy; I can't say anything about others.

11. The hardest scene for you to write.

A: All romantic scenes or I should say, all intimate scenes. Because, I have to be very careful when I write them. I don't want to make them erotic or rated with all the details but I also want those scenes to be expressive and spicy.

12. How do you balance your personal and writing life?

A: To be very honest, it’s not how I balance my personal life or writing. Because, being a mother, a wife, my first priority is my husband and my kids. So basically, family comes first. In my spare time, I write. And that's the reason my updates are never on time. I just hope my readers remain patient with me.

Thank you, Zeba, for the interview, as I still don't feel myself, being a full-fledged writer to give out interviews. And Good luck with your future projects.

I must extend my huge thanks to you Baji(as I like to call her) for giving me your precious time and sharing with us your itsy bitsy details of writing.

So that's all my readers, for now, I'm giving the Instagram Link and Wattpad link of AashiIrf's books, you should check them out because they are amazing and you will not regret reading them! Until next time, Keep Writing :)



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