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Author Interview

Heya, everyone. I'm back with another Author Interview and I know you will love this because it's of the author that we love too much from Wattpad.

I guess, you understood seeing that cover pic and without further ado, let me introduce to Socialrecluse or @Bee_91 as we now know her. I love her works, that intricacy and covering up new taboo topics with her works. And how can we forget those too good characters like Riyadh, Mikaeel, Saudah, and so many more. I'm so excited for this interview!

1. Firstly tell us a little about yourself. Your name too coz I think we all know you as Socialrecluse or now as Bee_91.

S: So My name is Ayesha. I'm  going to be 29 soon. I have double jointed thumbs and I can perform an exact representation of a kitten mewing.

2. When did you start writing? 

S: A really long time ago. I was like... 13 or something. It was all rubbish and I had assumed 17 was THE AGE TO BE. 

3. What has influenced you the most as a writer?

S: Uhm... that's a difficult question. I like writing what I would like to read. 

4. How do you balance your writing schedule, work and personal life?

S: Lol for those who are following me- I am clearly not balancing it right now. Updates have been highly sporadic because I just... I do a lot of things in my free time. 

5. Where did you get the ideas for your books? 

S: I'm South African and we have such a beautiful dynamic in our country; so I love writing about it. I also LOVE Fantasy and Horror so if you've followed any of the other stories, that's where that comes in. 

6. Does the seriousness of a particular scene affect you while writing it? 

S: Yup. Normal with You was the most difficult novel I had ever written. There were scenes I had written that had put me into such a bad frame of mind that I couldn't touch that novel for months afterwards.

7. Who's your favorite male protagonist from your book?

S: Shucks... that's difficult. I think Muneer. I love him so much! I love the others too but I loved him the most.

8. Who's your favorite female protagonist from your book?

S: Amaani and Lena. Everyone hated them but they're special to me. 

9. Do you have any writing blogs you recommend? 

S: Nope. Not a blog kinda person. 

10. Fav time and season to write.

S: Season? All of them. Time? Late night or early morning. 

11. Does writing helps you or exhaust you as a person?

S: It's just a part of me. I love it but I don't allow it to consume me. 

12. Your Wattpad experience. 

S: At the beginning, I absolutely adored it. Now with the whole premium/ads thing, not as much. But I've made great friends and have lovely readers there too. 

13. Writing advice for everyone.

S: Please don't write perfect characters. People are not perfect, hence, our characters need to be imperfect too. 

14. First book you wrote?

S: From the ones published? Probably Riyaadh's story.

15. How do you develop your stories?

S: My head is pretty much a jumbled mess. In all the chaos, I guess things sort of work itself out there.

So that's all for now everyone. I hope you enjoyed it and loved her interview. I'm linking down below her Instagram handle and Wattpad too. Do check out her work and Until next time, Keep Writing :D

Bee_91's Wattpad

Bee_91's Instagram

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