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Author Interview

A cold swift yet gentle gale rose from the ground and began to travel through the graveyard. Overhead, gray clouds passed the sun from time to time and cast a shadow over the years old headstones. The wind whispered and dry bushes rattled against tombstones. Then within a moment the wind hopped over the large mountain and ceased at once. Wind gazed, flabbergasted at the tribe that was situated on a large desert plain with uncountable tents a few miles away from the mountain range.

-The Prince of Knights by TheQueenofDarkness

I know it got your attention. These gripping words are by one of my fav authors on Wattpad. @TheQueenofDarkness I just adore her and always amazed by her choice of words and how she used Personification so beautifully every time. She not only writes in such a fine manner but also teaches the craft of writing through her @SpiritualCommunity.

I'm extremely lucky for her to spare some of her precious time to talk about her books, writing, and the craft she has mastered.

1. Firstly tell us a little about yourself. We know you as The Queen of Darkness, what's your real name? Also, how did you get the idea to have this as your username?

Queen: A little about myself, hmm, it is no secret that I love to write books or stories. Some know me by Amna and others by Amani. Both names are correct, as I am called by both names by friends and family. My username is usually a bit of a shock given the type of books I write. However, when I was younger around 16-17, I used to write Magical books, vampires, werewolves, and magical creatures. I stopped writing them because of religious reasons. I don't want my work to promote magic. My readers can see a glimpse of darkness in Assassin's Bride, hence the name.

2. From when you started writing? Your first book and what pushed you to write it?

Queen- I was 15 years old when I started writing. I started writing before I even read books. My first story was a simple teenage rom-com. Nothing severe or dramatic pushed me to write stories. One summer vacation, I was bored, so I grabbed a pen and wrote whatever came in my head. Although, I would love to mention that ever since I was a kid. I had a very wild and vivid imagination, and that is the main reason I am an author today.

3. Where do you get information for your books? Whether it's Prince of Knights or Assassin's Bride.

Queen- The information for Prince of knights comes from some of my elderly family members. Assassin's Bride internet, countless hours of searching, movies, and books.

4. What do you think makes a good story?

Queen- A good story is a good plot. Strong characters who are not there because they have to be. Every character should have a purpose, either to help the main protagonist of to send a message to readers. Aside from that, a good book is a book that is well written. It should be like a beehive, or spiderweb, connected.

5. Do you follow any writing channel or blog? If so, which one?

Queen- I have never actually followed a blog. I do my research when there is a need for it. I'd love it if you recommend some interesting blogs to me.

*my rant* I love Jenna Moreci. Her writing channel is amazing. Jenna Moreci

6. How do you develop your books? Is there any prior outlining?

Queen- I always write the main plot of my books in a notebook. Every book of mine is already written, but when I post them online, many changes are done. I develop my books with time, but every change is connected to the main plot.

7. How do you balance writing with your personal and work life?

Queen- This is a tough question, and I do not have the answer to it to this day. I always put my life first before my books as it should be. However, sometimes this causes delays in posts, and I lose focus. But, if I were to suggest I would say that you should at least write a chapter every week. If this is hard, you can always write half of the chapter and finish the rest next week.

8. We are fond of your magical descriptions, how do you learn that?

Queen- I don't know how I learned to write the way I write the prince of knights. I remember that I picked up this style in 2013 when I was writing Prince of knights on a notebook. I would say, there was a story I read on Wattpad, which had an intense vocabulary, that pushed me to change the way I used to write from simple English to what it is now. However, the first chapter of Prince of Knights where the wind starts the book. That just happened. Because I wanted the start to be different, and grab the attention of readers. I wanted the readers to sketch the Rashideen tribe in their brains. That happens when you see it, so I made them see it through the wind.

9. What does literary success look like to you? Have you thought of writing as your future career?

Queen- I would say having my books published and recognized by many. Yes, there are the times I think of writing as my future career, but that's unlikely to happen since I have other plans. Although, it will always remain a side business sort of thing.

10. Fav time and season to write.

Queen- There is not a favorite time to write. Ideas pop into your brain any time, so all you have to do is to be ready. Favorite season, definitely the winter here in Dubai.

11. Does writing helps you or exhaust you as a person?

Queen- Writing has always been an escape for me. It has never exhausted me, nor has it drained me emotionally. Yes, it is time-consuming. However, it has helped me a lot either in gaining information or in writing.

12. Your Wattpad experience.

Queen- My Wattpad experience is not a good one. I started in 2012. My books were not recognized. It took many years for me to reach where I am now. I will say that it took so many years of hard work, and I gave up so many times. I wish my books get what they deserve in the end.

13. What's the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Queen- To be honest, writing a male character is a million times easier for me than writing a female character. The female character is hard to write. I mean, if she is tough, you need to make sure that you keep that standard all the time. Because the female character is hated easily. One wrong move. The readers will not like them. It is hard to maintain that for female characters, and many aren't successful in it. As for the male characters. Women, I think, find it easy because we always think of cool dudes with guns and smoking. It is natural for us.

14. What kind of research do you do and how long do you spend researching before

beginning a book?

Queen- I watch related movies and read related books. For my book, Bite the Bullet, I spoke with soldiers who taught me about the life of soldiers because I was a civilian. I didn't know anything. I used to search for 7 hours constantly before I would write a chapter.

15. The hardest scene for you to write?

Queen- Action scenes are not hard to write. I will say, writing a deep conversation between two tough characters. I had this problem when I was writing Assassin's Bride. That book has many unique conversations where death threats are always present.

Thank you so much, Amani, for this wonderful talk, I totally enjoyed it and I know our readers have enjoyed it too. Guys, do check out her works on Wattpad and her Instagram handle. She is just amazing!

The Queen of Darkness Wattpad

The Queen of Darkness Spiritual Community

The Queen of Darkness Instagram

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