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Author Interview

Heya everyone. I'm back with yet another Author Interview and for this too, I'm kinda excited because it's on public demand 😜

Let's be honest. I heard a lot of her from you guys. Because whenever I saw some post or something, there would be her mention. People love her books and I hadn't read her books (don't kill me🙈). So when you guys asked about her interview, I was quite excited and I went to her profile and read first chapters of her every book and GOD!!! She's a gifted writer and there's no surprise, she binds with her words.

Yes, I know. I am ranting again. Without further ado, let's tell you the name of the lady who is joining us today!


This girl is a great writer but with that, I haven't seen such an overwhelming fan following. That too on Twitter, means her readers talk about her books, discuss them over several tweets. This is my first time seeing such a fan following of a Wattpad Writer!

Not only that, but Aimmy is also a star of Twitter. Entertaining all of us with her tweets every time also she is a gem when it comes to VMs.

1. Firstly tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing? What are your goals?

Aimmy: I’m an introverted twenty-three years old aesthetic enthusiast who has to find the right vibe in everything or else she gets bored way too quickly. I’m a Nutritionist in making striving to eat healthy and living up to what I’m studying. My goals are simple; I want to live a fulfilling and peaceful life. Nothing big on the cards as of now.

2. From when you started writing? Your first book and what pushed you to write it?

Aimmy: Writing came to me as naturally as breathing I guess. I was 12-13 years old when I first took part in an Urdu kids’ magazine story writing competition and was among the 25 shortlisted. Then writing faded into the background because teens hit me and life got pretty complicated.

My first actual book on Wattpad was A thousand years. It was a pretty lame attempt, not gonna lie. But I had to try and since I had quite an experience with Fanfictions so figuring out Wattpad became pretty easy.

3. What has influenced you the most as a writer?

Aimmy: The happenings around me and the way our world is moving forward. At this point I can’t write anything just for the heck of it. It has to mean something. The readers who are investing their time in it should take something with them when they end the book.

4. What do you think makes a good story?

Aimmy: Every element matters. From title to the underlying themes, from character development to a well-built plot. Even the character names have to be meaningful. It helps a writer a lot in joining the connections and making it look reasonable.

5. Who are your favorite authors and why?

Aimmy: I don’t have a clear cut favorite author. I have a list of the things or writing techniques of a few writers I love. Some are good at characterization, some are pro at planning a plot immaculately, and others are good at giving readers the rush, the feels. All that stuff. So this is how it goes for me.

6. How do you develop your books? Is there any prior outlining?

Aimmy: There’s no clear answer to this because right now even I don’t know how I do this. But I brainstorm a lot. And when I have my mind focused on a plot, it slowly starts making sense and things start getting clear. Prior outlining is necessary. I can’t work without that.

7. How do you balance writing with your personal and work life?

Aimmy: Giving everything in life the needed attention is the key. I’m a student and when I have a quiz or an exam scheduled, writing has to take a backseat. Same goes for when I’m free from studies or on weekends, that time is reserved for writing.

8. Does the seriousness of a particular scene affect you while writing it?

Aimmy: We invest our heart, soul, tears and blood in making these characters so when they’re going through a rough patch or something painful, I don’t think it’s possible for a writer to not feel that. So yes, I do get affected.

9. What does literary success look like to you? Have you thought of writing as your future career?

Aimmy: If there’s even only one person who’s read your piece of writing, felt it, lived it, laughed through it, cried with it, that is the kind of success I’m looking for. Choosing writing a career seems tempting to me but it’s not easy because when you go professional with your passion things never stay the same. Some accept and love this change which is totally fitting but I don’t think I’ll accept that easily. Eventually, I will but I’ll struggle through it I know.

10. Fav time and season to write.

Aimmy: Whenever the motivation hits.

11. Does writing helps you or exhaust you as a person?

Aimmy: It goes both ways. At times it is therapeutic and the other times, it is exhausting.

12. Your Wattpad experience. One of the memorable comments from your reader?

Aimmy: It’s been so rewarding and wholesome. There’re many amazing comments I’ve gotten over these three years I’ve been there so It’s not easy coming up with one. But when people go from one story to the other, and then other and at last it culminates into a follow or them adding your story/stories to their beautiful reading list. Heartwarming!

13. What is your favorite genre to read, and why? What is the first book that made you cry?

Aimmy: Thriller/Mystery. That’d be Mann o Salwa by Umera Ahmed.

14. What life experiences have shaped your writing most?

Aimmy: Many. I had to deal with grief and failure at some points in my life which really gave me the insight of how these emotions work. They’ve made me patient as a writer. I never rush through it.

15. The hardest scene for you to write?

Aimmy: Court scenes in my books (A Drop of Petrichor and Losing Echoes). There’s a certain scene in LE which is really emotional and I found it hardest to write.

16. Shout out to your writing buddies or fellow authors.

Aimmy: You! First of all. Rameesha, Sarrah, Fairooz, and all the people from twitter writing and making this place magical, you all are doing great more power to you <3!

Aimmy's Wattpad

Aimmy's Twitter

Aimmy's Instagram

So that's all for you guys. I hope you enjoyed it and had a great time like me. Until next time, Keep Writing :D

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