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Character Interview: Daiyan Mustafa and Safiya Jameel

I shifted my bag to my other shoulder as I made my way to the small steps of the porch, the October sunlight making everything around me a little too shiny especially the potted plants near my feet. It was not good to disturb the couple in this early morning but as it was Sunday I really had no option but to bug them.

As I was about to ring the door bell, the door opened with a loud squeal and I was crushed into a big hug which was enough to push a cough out of my lungs.

Safiya: Oh my God! After a long time. *crushes me into another hug*

Zeba: *tries to get away from the crushing hug* I know *nervous laugh with a fear of dying*

I hear a little shuffle behind Safiya and Daiyan quickly comes with a sheepish smile, patting Safiya's shoulder.

Daiyan: Let go of her little girl else she will choke to death. *still patting her shoulder*

My eyes widened at his bluntness as Safiya leave me with a giggle, taking a step back to stand beside her husband.

Safiya: I'm so happy to see you *closes her eyes with an excited smile*

Zeba: That I saw *rubs my arms*

The couple ushered me to the wooden chairs and a coffee table of their porch as I put my bag beside me, shoving out my notebook and pen as the couple took their seat across me.

Zeba: So are you ready?

Safiya: Absolutely. You know just when you told me that you are about to come at our house for the interview, I was unable to sleep with the excitement. *giddily watches Daiyan*

Daiyan: *smiles at both of us* She spent the whole night talking to me about this.

Zeba: *proudly smiles* I know I have this effect

The couple laughed as I go through the questions of the interview.

Zeba: So tell me about how your life is coming along after the surgery and after your daughter, Rida.

Safiya gestured Daiyan to go ahead with this question as Daiyan cleared his throat looking at me.

Daiyan: I think it's easy that I haven't thought ever. After the surgery and Safiya's miscarriage *looks at Safiya* *holds her hand* I was too much afraid about everything but all is coming along pretty well.

Zeba: How is motherhood for you Safiya?

Safiya: Tiring *giggles* Means now I understand Dado's words when she used to tell me my childhood stories. I used to create havoc because our daughter is same.

Daiyan: But she is nicer. *rubs his arm where Safiya has punched*

Zeba: *purse my lips to hide my smile* Okay now tell me what you both like about each other.

Safiya: I will go first. Daiyan listens to me, understands me, a quality I always wanted in my partner. *toothed smile towards Daiyan*

Daiyan: *rubs his nape* *trying to compose himself* *ears are getting red* I think the way she gives me hope. I always get hyper, angry over petty things when in restaurant but I know that Safiya will quickly give me a good solution.

Safiya gives Daiyan a side hug pushing the poor fellow into another pit of embarrassment as he is constantly gesturing towards me and I make myself busy in my notebook.

Zeba: Now tell me one thing you don't like about each other.

Safiya: He doesn't talk much

Daiyan: Talks too much.

I burst into peals of laughter as the couple answer my query quickly and together.

Zeba: Now I have rapid fire for both of you. Who wants to go first-

I was interrupted by a loud crying sound as Daiyan quickly left his place and ran inside.

Safiya: Rida is up. *looks behind her*

Zeba: It's fine if you want to go.

Safiya: No need, she only wants her father when she wakes up. *twists her lips*

Just after few moments, Daiyan comes back with a little girl in his arms, her face hidden in his shoulder but she is trying to peek at me as I give that little girl a warm smile. Safiya starts talking to her daughter in her childish voice as Rida laughs jumping in Daiyan's arms to come near Safiya.

Safiya: You go ahead with the rapid fire. *gestures Daiyan*

Zeba: Okay Daiyan. First question. What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list?

Daiyan: World tour with Safiya and Rida.

Safiya: Oye hoye.

Zeba: What is one thing that annoys you the most?

Daiyan: Noise.

Zeba: What is the meanest thing you’ve ever said to someone?

Daiyan: I don't think I say mean things to someone.

We are interrupted by Safiya's fake cough as she gives a mischieveous smile to Daiyan who is doing his best to hide his smile.

Daiyan: Okay *raise his hands up in defense* My staff. I don't like when they are not doing their job properly so I say whatever comes in my mouth. It can be dangerous. *rubs his nape*

Zeba: Black or Grey?

Daiyan: Black

Zeba: Spring or Autumn?

Daiyan: Autumn

Zeba: Texting or talking?

Daiyan: Texting always.

Zeba: At what age do you want to retire?

Daiyan: Never.

Zeba: Favorite childhood TV show?

Daiyan: I didn't watch TV shows much but I used to like Looney Tunes show.

Zeba: Dawn or dusk?

Daiyan: Dawn

Zeba: Cake or pie?

Daiyan: Cake.

Zeba: That was nice Mr.Daiyan Mustufa. Now Safiya it's your turn.

Daiyan: Safi, Rida is with you. I'm making the breakfast.

Safiya nods and puts Rida in her lap as she hides her face from me with smile. Her features are a mix and match of Daiyan and Safiya but she is too cute to ignore.

Zeba: What is one thing that annoys you the most?

Safiya: People being rude for no reason.

Zeba: What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list?

Safiya: Ummm...that would be being happy with my family.

Zeba: Godfather or Star Wars?

Safiya: Star Wars anytime.

Zeba: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Safiya: Never. i think love needs time.

Zeba: Have you ever slapped someone in the face?

Safiya: You know it *giggles* many including Daiyan.

Zeba: Ask permission or beg forgiveness?

Safiya: Beg forgiveness. I don't ask for permissions.

Zeba: Climb a mountain or jump from a plane?

Safiya: Jump from a plane.

Zeba: Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character?

Safiya: That would be Luna Lovegood, she is like me.

Zeba: Favorite holiday?

Safiya: Any holiday.

Zeba: That's all. You did great. Thanks for giving me your time.

As I am wrapping up the interview, Daiyan enters the porch to invite us inside for the breakfast as I make my way inside the humble abode of Daiyan and Safiya and my morning spent pretty well with the chef couple and their cute little girl mischief.


HUNAID HANFEE: @devilhunaid You're awesome.

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