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Character Interview: Zaid Hussein

The subtle light of Augustian evening sun strained through the floor length glass window of the living room which was just across the sofa, where I was sitting. Nothing much has changed since my last visit which was Zaid and Shafaq's wedding except for the addition of photo frames on the maroon grand wall. I finally got the chance to have some bits from Zaid Hussein after he got the Industrialist of the Year award and I'm pretty sure, I will be hearing lots of tantrums from him. Zaid enters the living room from the kitchen, an apple in his hand as he gave me his bright smile when I stood up greeting him.

Zaid: Finally my writer got time for me *takes his seat across me* Zeba: *taking out the questions list* I was really busy you know. Zaid: Yeah *takes a long sigh after biting into the apple* Now you have so many new characters, you will forget me. Zeba: You all are equal to me *eye roll* *writing on the writing pad* Can we start if your complaints have ended? Zaid: *nods his head with an amused chuckle* Zeba: So tell me, how was the experience of Industrialist of the Year? Zaid: *smiles* Terrific. Never saw Dad so proud and happy with me. It was really good. Zeba: That's good *writes on the note pad with a smile* Is there any other dream which you want to fulfill of yours or your family? Zaid: I think *looks up for a second* no. Now I just want to keep everyone happy, Dado, Mum, Dad, Aapa and Shafaq. Zeba: Do you have regrets in your life? Zaid: *laughs* You really went to an extent to fill me with regrets. Zeba: *looks down embarrassed* It was needed. Zaid: I had when I recovered from my condition because I had treated everyone badly in my hurt but *smiles looking at Shafaq who entered the living room with a tray in her hands* she made me realize that I just have to ask for forgiveness and all will be okay.

Zeba: *returns Shafaq's greeting* How are you? Shafaq: More than okay *smiles* You came after a long time? *fixes her glasses.* Zeba: *nods, irritated on the fact that the couple was making her embarrassed for her absence* Next question. How will you describe your married life? Zaid: *smiles at Shafaq* Peaceful. I must say this, I never thought of marrying her but now I think nobody can handle me better than her. Shafaq: *looks down shyly* Zeba:*writes down with a nod and a proud smile* How you both are coming along with her pregnancy phase? Zaid: *holds Shafaq's hand* We are excited. It's been three years of our marriage and we both wanted to give time to each other until we are ready to start our family and *smiles rubbing his nape* now we are ready to welcome the new addition in our life. *clears his throat* You really do know everything about us? Zeba: *gives a smirk* I keep tabs on you all.

The hall filled with our laughter as Shafaq excused herself for the kitchen where she was preparing some amazing dishes for the dinner.

Zeba: Okay now some rapid fire questions, Ready? Zaid: *excitedly* Yes. Zeba: Cat or Dog? Zaid: *chuckles* Dog. Zeba: Sister or Brother? Zaid: I have a sister so, sister. Zeba: *nods* Mom or Dad? Zaid: *whispers* Mom. Zeba: Be angry or being worried? Zaid: I think being worried. I am terrible at being angry, you know that. Zeba: Absolutely *giggles* Give gift or receive gift? Zaid: Receive gift. *gives a toothed smile* Zeba: Call or text? Zaid: Always call. Zeba: Comedy or Horror? Zaid: *laughs* Horror with Shafaq. Zeba: Ask a question or answer a question? Zaid: Ask a question. *sheepish smile* I have too many doubts. Zeba: Perfect teeth or perfect hair? Zaid: Both. Zeba: Spontaneous or planned? Zaid: Spontaneous. Zeba: Be invisible or read minds? Zaid: Read minds. Zeba: Okay. That was good. Now some four to five questions and then we can wrap it up. Zaid: *nods* take your time writer. Zeba: What's the most memorable moment of your life? Zaid: *rubs his chin* There are so many, Alhamdulillah. I think when I felt the movement in my legs after the accident. *gulps* At that time I thought I won't be able to walk again then that blessing from Allah was surely the most memorable thing for me. Zeba: That's really true. A place you want to visit? Zaid: Umm... I guess my family is planning for a Hajj *smiles* so I think I will take them for it really soon. Zeba: *nods with a smile* That's good. One thing about Shafaq which you like? Zaid: There are many but her habit of forgiving others. She quickly forgives *has a proud smile* Zeba: One thing you hate about Shafaq? Zaid: I hate nothing of her but one thing really irritates me. *purses his lips* She doesn't want to bother me so she rarely shares her problems with me. Zeba: Hmmm. Last question. Any message for Zaid's lover and admirer. Zaid: I love you all. I am really surprised and overwhelmed by the response I got and I feel really proud that I'm Zeba's first interviewee. Take care, keep loving me *winks* Zeba: *laughs closing her writing pad*

Shafaq enters the living room and ushered us to the dining room where the dining table is set with wonderful looking delicacies as my day went perfectly well with Mr and Mrs. Zaid Hussein.

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