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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Yes, I know, I was MIA for this whole month and got back to give one of my readers a shout-out. Here you go!

The most liked thing I feel about writing is, you can connect with anyone with your words. Your words, your emotions don't see the boundaries, distance or anything. You would be in some remote places like Serbia and the writer could touch the strings of your heart with his or her words, sitting in Australia.

The featured readers in my today's session are one such example. They are twins from Pakistan, Afia, and Sobia. Oh, how much I love them!

They have been with me from my third novel on Wattpad, Destined to be Yours. Though Sobia is happily married now so she does not get enough time in her hand, Afia is always my ardent reader. They have supported me with their long and huge comments!

Sobia's Comment on Destined to be Yours.

Afia's Comment on Benevolent Hearts.

Afia's comment on one of the chapters of Benevolent Hearts.

As for every reader, I have done enough to scare Afia with my twists :P and yes, how can I forget, Afia has been very excited for my marriage. Late update and she is thinking about my wedding Biryani!

Wedding :P

Scared as hell!

Afia has supported me in every way and she knows how to brighten up my day with her praises. Supporting me when I needed it the most, she has always been there for me.

Comment on my pic of Ten Years Challenge!

Cover Reveal.

Cover Reveal, part 2!

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed it all and once again I want to thank Sobia and Afia for their constant support. Until next time, Keep Writing :)

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