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Featured Reader

Updated: May 11, 2020

Heya, my readers. I'm back with my featured reader post and I'm quite excited about this. Because this girl is someone special and I'm amazed at the bond we share, Alhamdulillah.


Ummm... I don't think this lady needs any introductions because she is the queen! Dr. Taqiya Author as we all know or her Wattpad username, Dr_Taqiya_Author is a darling and one of my most prominent readers.

So that's from where it all started. So many praises and that too all at once. Taqi, you should know this, even if I don't tell you. You made me feel so special that day. 😍😘

She made sure to praise my every work whether through personal messages or through her comments. Ah, those long and beautiful comments.

Taqi has been a support system to me with her words or what we can say free promotions of my work. That's truly commendable Taqi.

So till now, we were talking about Taqi as my reader but if I won't say this, this post would lose its meaning. With being a great reader, Taqi is one of the greatest Spiritual Writers on Wattpad. Having the following range of more than 5.4K and still counting, she has got quite a fan base.

These are some of her wonderful books but that's not all. She has 6 published works on Wattpad and also, Halal Love Starts after Nikah is now available in paperback. *giddy dance*

Taqi is not only a good writer but also has a good and authentic knowledge of religion and she has helped me a lot when I have some confusion and questions regarding our religion.

These are the links that you should check out to read her amazing works and also if you want to enjoy her wonderful poetry and short writings, you should follow her on Instagram.

Taqi's Books

Taqi's Instagram

Also, you can get the copy of Halal Love Starts After Nikah from the links below:

Orange publication bookstore: Halaal Love Starts After Nikah Amazon: Halaal Love Starts After Nikah Amazon Kindle: Halaal Love Starts After Nikah Flipkart: Halaal Love Starts After Nikah

Playstore: Halaal Love Starts After Nikah

So at the end of this, I would just say. Taqi, you have been and are an important part of my life. Even if I don't say this often, you should know, I love you and you're amazing. Best of luck with everything and your future ventures. HLSAN will be a great hit, InShaaAllah!

That's all for now. Until next time, Keep Writing :D

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