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Heya everyone. I'm back. Yes after a long wait of maybe 24 days. I planned to share with you Character Traits and Flaws, one day each and that didn't go well at all. But, I understood one thing in this, I need to be more scheduled. If I would have planned everything beforehand, nothing would go so hectic and pathetic. So sorry to that and now let's move forward.

Like every month, I'm back with one of my best readers. She is such a darling and so supportive of everything I do. Can you guess?


Ah, this girl. She is one of my newest readers, but the support and praises she gives me. I'm sure I'm alive for them. Some of you know her as Wasfia while many of us know her as Pearls_Queen.

So we got acquainted over one of the stories' comments and then Pearls_Queen interviewed me for one of her books on Wattpad. Her comments are beautiful!!!

Now comes our messages. We mostly talk over Instagram and she never backs away from praising my works. Her unending support is a blessing!

There's also one silly thing that we do. Smiley fights more like Gif fights. You can see one example :P

With being my cute reader, Pearls_Queen is a great writer. She takes interview of fellow writers, she designs great book covers and also organizes writing competitions.

You can follow her on Wattpad: Pearls_Queen Wattpad

And on Instagram for great quotes: Pearls_Queen Instagram

So in last, I would just like to thank Pearls_Queen for being a great person and my great reader. Thank you, dear!!!

Until next time, Keep Writing :D

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