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Growing as a Writer.

I'm here, again. We as a writer have our first words, those first lines and pages which pushed us to the places we are right now. So today I want to share with you some of my first write-ups, when I was maybe in seventh grade and how my writing evolved. Let's get started.

I started writing poems that were simple about my family, some on my mother and some on my father. Now when I look at them, I can't help but laugh. :P

Seems good? It was for me at that time, because I achieved something just like I penned down my thoughts and put into a rhyme. I can't express what type of happiness these few lines gave me.

Later on, I began to write some couplets. As life was getting hard on me through studies and all, I began to find escape in my hobby. Writing always works as an escape door for me, an art transferring me to a whole new world. Slowly the art of writing, the art of writing poems and short stories took its flight when I used to write these poems in my diary. I used to share it with some of my readers, my brothers and they always praised them, boosting my confidence to no end :)

These are some of my old works and if you want to have a look at my short stories, mainly You Made me Believe in Love which was first try for writing a story so you should check out my profile on Wattpad.

In the end i just like to say that don't be ashamed of your works. Never! It's the process which made you what you're today. So just learn from everything you do and yes, you will reach where you dream to be. :)

Until next time, keep writing :D

Cover Photo by Isaac Taylor from Pexels

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