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Know Your Author

So recently on my Instagram account @zebaz1_author I took questions from my readers about what they want to know about me and I really got some interesting questions so let's get started:

1. Any plans on writing a fairytale with princesses? And do you love writing about little kids?

Zeba Ali: I do have some ideas about stories having princesses but it won't be fairytale, it will be more on the Historical fiction side.

I love writing about kids unless they don't drag the plot of my story and make it a boring one. Just like Adam, I loved writing that kid :D

2. Who motivated you yo write? What would you like to say to the new writers?

Zeba Ali: I must say Urdu Novels and my father. Very few people know this but my father too used to write and seeing his works published in Urdu magazines pushed me to try my hand at writing.

For the new writers I will just say that write, write, write, no matter how small you write, don't be afraid of failure. Try every opportunity to showcase your talent, that's how you will grow and find more about yourself.

3. Your favorite character from Benevolent Hearts?

Zeba Ali: I have to go with Daiyan Mustufa on this because he is :* :* :*

4. Who will you wish to see from your Wattpad Reader List?

Zeba Ali: This is such a difficult question and whatever you tell me that I'm getting diplomatic, but I will really want to meet each and every single on of you. I love my readers so much to pick any one from them.

5. Is there any character in your book, you think is close to your personality?

Zeba Ali: Ok, that's a really interesting one. I think I'm a weird combination between Daiyan, Safiya and Ghazal.

That's it for now. Next I'll be putting the Character Interview of Daiyan Mustufa really soon. :D Until next time, Keep Writing. :)

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