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Breaking the Stereotypes

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

AsSalamuAlaikum everyone! Finally an author website after a lonnnnnng wait. I really wanted to make a place: a hub for the writers like me who are passionate about writing and finding a source of inspiration, an exposure to put their writing for the world but are quite afraid.So let's get started with the introductions and little of my back story.

The people who have been following me for a while or if you just have read my bio, you already know that I’m an engineer turned author that too, a romance author. Seems interesting, hunh? Many times my readers and other people in my surroundings are curious to know how I went into this writing field and I’m always thinking that the question should be vice versa? How did I end up being an engineer graduate when in reality writing is the only passion which I want to stick up with?

I’m remembering one of the quotes of Steve Jobs from a passage of his autobiography, “Join the Dots!” You will be able to reach your goal if you are courageous enough to dream and patient enough to endure what may come in your way. Sometimes your journey will lead you to your dream and then you will know why that all happened.

I never wanted to be an engineer but there weren’t any good colleges for the Biotechnology field (in which I was interested at that time). I was in my third year of engineering when I started writing short stories, it was a mess and in a Whatsapp message format which I used to send to my cousins and they used to praise me for my writing (and I still feel they were lying!)

From that time writing became an escape for me, an escape from the stress the engineering life was giving me and every problem around me. I used to keep some time on my hand for writing and it worked as an excellent stress buster for me.

Later on when I completed my first novel You Made me Believe in Love, I somehow came across Wattpad. Putting one chapter at a time, I was just waiting for readers to find my story interesting or basically just find my story. So by the end of the posting of my novel, I had 3 readers in total, two of my cousins and 1 reader from the Wattpad.

But these figures didn't stop me from writing, I write because I love writing. That should be your inner goal, you're not doing it for others, you're doing this for yourself. After that I wrote one more book With You, which later got selected by Dreame for their Paid Writer's Program. Then 4 more books and slowly people began to find my stories and also liked them and right now the views of my first novel is 239K and that's a huge success after the start with only 3 readers.

So that's it for now. I broke the stereotypes and you can too if you're not comfortable with where you are right now. Take the first step towards your dream and let Almighty take care of you after that. See you later, until then keep writing! :)

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