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My Life!

Recently, I asked suggestions from my readers, what they wanted to read next on my blog. The response was quite surprising as people wanted to know about my life. Though there's nothing much to know, I'm your usual adult woman who prefers being indoor with her laptop, mobile, and books, away from every hustle of the over-excited crowd around me. But as you all insisted, let's dig it out together.

So I was born in the small city of Maharashtra, called Amravati and I'm the eldest one with a younger brother. For your ease of reading, I'll just divide this blog into chunks of events in my life so it doesn't bore you much.

  • Childhood:

The thing from my childhood that didn't change till now is my habit of less talking or how I behave with people I'm comfortable with. My mum tells me that people used to ask her whether I'm dumb by birth because I never talked with anybody but in front of my parents, I was a chatterbox.

I was a curious kid and a bright student for my teacher. I completed my education till SSC at Friends English School. One of the best places that I still remember. I was fond of my kindergarten teacher, Sofiya Miss who taught me till fifth grade.

Many of my readers and followers thought that I was a Pakistani girl because of the usage of Urdu in my talks. The credit would go to my mother who taught me Urdu at home as I was a convent student. Alhamdulillah, she gave that weird curiosity regarding languages that I still feel excited to learn a new language. I completed my Quran for the first time when I was in seventh grade, for my mother I was a little late but I guess that works.

Another thing about the fond memories of my childhood is the vacation trip to Nana's house in Akot. Those of you who follow me on Insta, know how I like to talk on that topic. I have five aunties and three uncles on my mother's side so you can imagine what great fun it used to be in summer vacations with so many cousins.

  • Teenage to Adolescence Years

My teenage to adolescent years was a full roller coaster and I'm still in that roller coaster :P Because after gaining full confidence that I can move forward, I can achieve something as I was the brightest student of my class, my teachers were impressed with my prompt knowledge, I had to face the world.

Now I got admitted to Govt. Vidharbha Institute of Science and Humanities for Higher Secondary education and I must say add this, I hated it. As many of my readers know and I should not blame it because I'm the part of that whole circle, Government thing sucks. No classes, I got to know that student really bunk classes and it was beyond my innocent mind! :P

I got to know that there will be people who would be more knowledgeable than you, more prompt than you and in that you shouldn't lose your own uniqueness.

At home, everything was going fine until one night my parents got into a little accident. It was not much but it was for me. My family is the whole purpose of my life, and that slight tremor was too much for me. I started spending more time with my mother, in order to help in the kitchen and around the home because her hand used to be bandaged. That's how I slowly began to learn basic dishes.

  • Engineering Life and AfterMath

It was maybe during the end of my Higher Secondary education when I began to feel lonely and a burden on others. That feeling of not being enough because I was not able to concentrate on my studies in HSC because there was no proper discipline for study. I self-taught myself for the HSC exams securing 60 percent.

Now comes the question of what to do next? I was inclined towards Bio-Technology because I loved Botany. But that didn't go as per the plan because there was no proper college for that. That's how my Papa decided that Engineering was best for me.

Engineering treated me badly for two years. I didn't understand even a single question of maths because I had no idea what was going on. I only liked Engineering Drawing, that part which always gave rest to my cluttered mind. I always felt teachers were a little lenient towards me because I was the Principal's daughter. But it wasn't. I got 3/20, 5/20 marks in Engineering Mechanics.

I got a backlog in the second semester and that felt like a blow to my self-respect. I was the brightest student in my class and here I was with a backlog. That surely gave rise to my depression a little more. But I stayed there. There were many moments in my life during this whole Engineering when I thought of giving up, but I didn't.

It was not only Engineering which was overwhelming but also my personal life especially the death of my grandfather which gave a great negative effect on my mother. Her health began to deteriorate. Being the eldest, I had to take some part of the responsibility towards my home and that's why had to balance my education and my family life. But as they say, everything happens for a reason, maybe this happened because I was too away from Allah.

I would not say that I'm now very close to him or I'm the pious one because I am not. I am a faulty disciple and make various mistakes in a day but now I trust him with everything more than anything. I know whatever he did, is doing and will do, would be for my best. Just like opening the door of writing for me.

In between all this chaos, writing came as a knight in shining armor. I began to write just to empty out all the clutter, slowly began to write short stories and then the novel. Wattpad, writing, stories, and books made me who I am now.

I think that's all which I could remember or share with you. I hope you enjoyed it and if you want to know anything else, do ask in comments. Until next time, Keep Writing :)

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