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Types of Readers (In a Writer's Life)

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Peace be upon you all! After a long time we are meeting here and I'm back with a fun post and I hope you will like it so without further ado, let's get started!

We are going to talk about readers. A writer can't imagine his/her life without readers. They are an important part of our lives and they differ. A Lot! Some are interesting and fun while some are purely irritating. So in this post I'll tell you about 5 types of readers you're going to meet in your writing journey.

1. The Free Bird

They will support you. Love your work and praise you when you need it the most but there's one thing they aren't going to do. BUY YOUR DAMN BOOK! Because they always want your work for free!


And it's totally fine to ask them, how are we gonna survive in this cruel world without money!

2. The Blind Supporter

Yes! It's in there name. They will support you blindly. They will motivate you to do better and better everyday. Also gifting you aesthetics, moodboards, photography of your book, making this place a little less overwhelming.


3. The "not so happy" one

They are often called as Haram Police. Yeah you will get to know why! Because they have a hard time accepting the fact that the books you're writing are fictional and the characters are also fictional. They will criticize you for writing some characters with bad habits and what not. And if you come across someone like them, just IGNORE!


4. The Self Promoter

Coming to read your book and then leaving the links of their own stories because they have written some juicy books, that's the most decent way to promote your book! NO. That's what the Self Promoters do. You want to know how they look like, just see the comments section of my stories 😅


5. The Impatient

You took your precious time out of your busy schedule and updated the most awaited chapter and then get a message from one of your readers, "I want an Update tomorrow." That's all too innocent, I agree. But if you just ignored their demand, they will just spam you with messages, forcing you to feel guilty of not making them happy!

They have a hard time accepting the fact that writer's too have a life to live and have to look after so many things!


Bonus. I'll Just Ignore the Genre

Some readers have this pure tendency of ignoring the genre. They will read the whole book and then complain about certain elements in the story that they could know if they would have just read the genre! About time.

The genres must be saying...


That's all I have got for you today! I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll meet you next time so until next time, Keep Writing :D

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