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Writer's Block

You know that time when your mind feels like a rushing waterfall from where new ideas just keep flowing. Oh, and that's how the hero of my novel will confess his love for the girl, oh, that's where the fighting sequence will take place, no, that won't be her mother, she will be the evil vamp of her life. Yep, that's how ideas keep pouring and suddenly it becomes a dry desert. When you are struggling to remember even the names of your protagonists. Just like me, Fazal Bashir is going to meet Safiya Jameel. Wait, wait, they are two different novels :P

Yes! That's what is Writer's Block and this is our topic for today's discussion.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Writer's Block is a psychological inhibition that prevents the writer from proceeding with a piece. It can be for one or two days and sometimes bad like extending to a month or two.

There's no specific reason for writer's block. Maybe the disturbances in your surrounding sometimes set your mood off from the writing or tiredness from your hectic schedule also leads to your mind to put off new ideas for some time. It can be a simple one that won't even bother you but other times it's tough like you want to write a good piece of a chapter but your mind will be like, I can't help you.

What can you do for writer's block:

When I was in graduation, we have this subject called Communication Skills which had a list of some tips to fight with Writer's Block. The thing is I have forgotten them :p


But I can remember only one.

Wear Colorful Clothes.


The colors many times affect your mood, thinking and that's why it's often stated that you should surround yourself with happy and warm colors like orange, yellow, red. Wearing colorful clothes can have a good effect on your mood and mind, also helping with your writer's block.

Some tips from me what I do in Writer's Block:

Many times I have this phase of writing when I didn't find anything worthy to write. My readers here from Wattpad know how one week gap for the chapter update went for fifteen days and sometimes one month. It is just because I am suffering from writer's block.

Take a Walk in Nature.


My mother has a small garden outside with mostly rose bushes and a chili plant. Also, I have a terrace garden so spending time in nature and with these plants really gives me some clarity especially thinking about new ideas.



I really love the fragrance of spices. It's weird that I can transfer to a whole new world with just a sniff from the spice box. Smells can really affect your brain just like colors, some are happy fragrance, some can make you irritated. Many can make you nostalgic. You can do one thing, smell something from the kitchen cupboard and write down what you thought and how it made you feel. We want something to write, what a better way to start with yourself.



When I am stuck in the jumble of my own words I read. Anything from anywhere. Sometimes it's an article from the newspaper, a book from my shelf or an ebook from Wattpad. Reading can get your mind to think of something which is good to ready your mind to function for writing.

Take Time.


Don't force yourself. Never. Writing should never be forced, it should always come on paper from the heart when you want it to. Don't rush, take your time. Writer's Block is never permanent.

That's all for today. Tell me in the comments below, what you do for writer's block, I would love to hear it from you.

Until Next Time, Keep Writing. :)

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